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  • Are the install bays in-house? Many companies out there wrap off site.
  • What size and how many units can the bay hold? Bays need to be large enough to hold multiple units.
  • Most important- Are the bays being shared with other services that may kick up debris that can get under the wraps? In our experience; dirt, saw dust and metal shavings do not mix well with wraps.
  • Are the installers in-house or is that service outsourced?
  • Is the in-house installer a dedicated installer? (ie their main responsibility)
  • How many years of experience does the installer have? Ask to see wrap samples.
  • Can you talk with the installer directly? Great installers love to talk about wraps.
  • How many years of experience does the creative staff have designing vehicle wraps?
  • How many years has the creative staff been working closely with experienced wrap installers?
  • Do they have "Thumbs-ups" from existing clients. (i.e. Awesome reviews)
  • Have them share creative work they have personally done.
  • REV2 is a 100%, Kansas City based vehicle wrap company. While we believe that larger brands should use one national source for all printing and find local installers to help protect the brand. We are also strong believers that local companies are better served with local wrap companies.
  • Local wrap companies can meet with you, one on one.
  • Local wrap companies can see your unit in person and touch it. They will be able to see issues that might come up before work is started.
  • Local wrap companies know the market and other "like" vehicles on the road. You need to stand out!!!

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